FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What does the IDACS short mean?
The abbreviation IDACS comes from the English equivalent of “ID & Data Collection for Sustainable Fuels in Europe”.

What is the IDACS project itself about and what is its purpose?
The aim of the IDACS project is to build up a unified database and coordinated data transfer on alternative fuel infrastructure filling points, in line with the European Commission's expectations, and to develop a joint proposal for a system for the unique identification of electromobility actors.

Who are the participating countries?
The IDACS project consortium is led by the Netherlands, currently involves 14 member states, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Austria,  Croatia, Slovenia,  Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, France and Greece.

What is IDRO?
The abbreviation IDRO comes from the English equivalent of “ID Registration Office”. The IDRO organization in Hungary called “Hungarian ID Registration Office”, belongs to  IFKA Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

What is the role of IDRO?
The role of the Designated ID Registration Offices in different countries is to allow single, unique identification for service / charging station operators by assigning the ID code defined in the IDACS project.

Where is IDRO located in the process of the IDACS project?

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